Wedding photoshoot

Professional wedding photography is a very responsible work. It is an art of noticing and capturing interesting and memorable moments. As the time goes by, these pictures will bring out the precious memories of your important day that once again will rejoice you and your guests.

During the wedding we let events flow naturally as we try to stay unnoticed, capturing spontaneous reactions, true emotions and feelings and everything that goes around you. We also adjust to the schedule of the day and devote time for your personal photoshoot.

Additional information:

  • Sample wedding photography options is your individual choice. During our meeting we discuss the timeline of the wedding day, find out your wishes and expectations and offer the option which is the most acceptable for you.
  • As a final result, you get edited and finished photos that are suitable for printing. You get them in a DVD with artwork. The amount of the photos may vary from 200 to 700 (it strongly depends on the course of events during your wedding day and the duration of our work).
  • We print 10 or more larger size photos (if a Photo book or a Photo album is not ordered)
  • We keep your photos in our archive for at least 1 year.
  • Possibility to have a personalized WEB gallery which is a convenient way to view your wedding photos for your family and friends.
  • The price of wedding photography during the season (May – October). In each case, we discuss the price individualy. The price depends on the duration of our work, the date, the selected service package, etc.
  • The wedding date is reserved only after signing the agreement and the advanced payment.
  • For more information (e.g. if the date is available or if you have any questions) feel free to call or email me. We will try to answer you as soon as possible.


We offer you one of the ideas how to present your photos.  It is a custom designed photo book.
What is a PHOTO BOOK?     

The major difference between a usual photo album and a photo book is that each individual sheet of a photo book is formatted separately, then printed on a photo paper and bound (or glued) together. It is a difficult but at the same time creative process. Every photo book is unique and designed individually according to your wishes. You can choose the format, cover, number of pages, etc.

Our photobooks preserve the panoramic style and have a unique design. The pages of a photo book are printed on a photo paper which allows conveying natural colours. The cover of a photo book is made of genuine leather (you can choose the colour and design).

A photo book which contains the most beautiful photos will convey the precious     moments of your wedding day.

You can find more information and sample layouts in PHOTO BOOKS.  


We arrange personal photoshoots in any preferable location: beautiful spots in the city, parks, on the seaside, in nature or even at your home.



If desired, we can arrange a photoshoot in a photo studio.